Technology Leadership/

Budgets, resourcing, recruiting, project execution, onshore/offshore management, strategy, compensation analysis, org structure, interim/bridge/consulting CTO/CIO/technology leadership.

Is your team not performing? Do you need to hire a team in or grow your team? Are you concerned about technology costs blowing up? Do you need a technology strategy to marry your business strategy? Do you need interim leadership until you are aready to bring your next technology leader on board?

We provide white-glove technology leadership/management services by experienced leaders who have ran start-ups to enterprises with onsite, onshore, and offshore teams.

Our capabilities allow for part-time, interim, and/or bridge consulting leadership while you need it and as you need it.

For this offering, the technology is not as relevant as providing proper guidance/leadership. That said, we are well verse in multiple technology solutions and platforms, including mobile and web.

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